February Employee Spotlight

ALEX COLLUM joined McCartney Construction in August of 2017. He previously worked as an engineer with the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT). While at McCartney, Alex has performed work as an estimator but the majority of his time has been spent in the field serving as Engineer and managing projects. Alex says that he thrives on being a part of a large team that communicates effectively and works together to complete a common goal. He enjoys working with a wide range of people from fellow employees, ALDOT personnel, city and county officials, and other contractors. He takes pride in the daily progress made on each of the company’s projects helping build and maintain the local infrastructure.

Outside of work Alex enjoys playing golf, watching football, reading, and playing guitar. Alex grew up in Mississippi but recently married the Alabama girl who brought him to this state. His mantra is “It takes zero talent to work hard and be nice to others.” Alex’s favorite food is chips & salsa.

Alex was nominated for the Employee Spotlight by Michael McCartney. Michael said, “Though Alex has been with the company for a short time, he has made significant contributions to the companies operation. Alex has made a great addition to the McCartney Construction Team.”

Alex has been awarded a $25 check and an Eagle Award for being chosen for the Employee Spotlight. Thank you, Alex, for your continued dedication and all that you do to contribute to McCartney's success!

Eagle Awards are awarded to the Spotlight Nominee chosen each month as well as to the person who nominated them. Nominations can be made on the TPR boards as well as online at paveaway.com

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