March Employee Spotlight

Jamie Strickland began work at McCartney as a level 2 Lab Technician in July of 2009. In June of 2014 he was promoted to level 3 Lab Technician. Jamie was nominated by his supervisor Ken McGatha and also his co-worker Ray Phillips. Ken said, “Jamie Strickland is a key employee not only to the Lab but many other areas of the company. Jamie is a Level 3 Lab Technician who works on mix designs and testing on State projects. Jamie has many other skills and is a team player. He comes in early each morning to make sure the asphalt plants are ready for operations. When there are issues at a plant, he is always quick to offer help. Even though he is a skilled level 3 Lab Technician he is willing to perform manual labor whenever a hand is needed. He helps at the plants to shovel at the bag house, under scales, etc. without being asked. He also can operate equipment and has been known to run a loader on more than one occasion. Jamie also has good mechanic skills and assists in equipment repair when needed. Jamie is a true team player and always has the companies’ best interest at heart every day.”

Jamie said his favorite project he has been involved with at McCartney Construction was,” being responsible for all of the testing and mix changes done on the Anniston Eastern Bypass. This road recently won the Sheldon G. Hayes Award for the highest quality paving project in the nation. Hearing we won this award, and knowing just how significant of an accomplishment it is, this is proudest moment of my work career.”

Jamie’s mantra, “Go to work every day, don’t complain, and always show respect by saying, sir and ma’am. Be dependable and accountable, and you will be a valuable asset.

Outside of work, Jamie enjoys the finer things; He likes to spend his free time playing golf and loves a good steak.

Jamie has been awarded a $25 check and an Eagle Award for being chosen as the Employee Spotlight. A BIG THANKS to Jamie for all that he does to contribute to McCartney's success!

Eagle Awards are awarded to the Spotlight Nominee chosen each month as well as to the person who nominated them. Nominations can be made on the TPR boards as well as online at

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